GIRARD — After several meetings, the Crawford County Commission has arrived at a temporary solution to help County Corrections provide full-family insurance for its employees.
A day shy of deadline, the county approved a motion to absorb $80 of each County Corrections employee’s single premium per month to help defray health insurance costs. For employees paying for the full-family plan, the county will absorb the same amount off the employee share of the premium. The funding will last to the end of 2019 and come from the Employee Benefits Fund.
This change comes in response to Director Tracy Harris’s request to give County Corrections employees full access to the county’s insurance plan. While full integration was not reached, due in large part to the county’s 2019 budget already being set, Harris said she appreciated the county’s willingness to help. The commission said a more permanent decision will be discussed mid-2019 with the county begins formulating its 2020 budget.
The commission also voted to approve a new employee assistance program contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. The EAP will assist employees with personal problems that may be adversely affecting them in the workplace. This includes issues such as substance abuse, relationship problems, and matters relating to wellness.