PITTSBURG — Ding ding, ding ding, the bell on Todd McGeorge goes as he peddles his bicycle.
This isn’t the first year Todd has ridden his bicycle for Salvation Army and it will not be the last, he said.
Todd, who rides with Tailwind Cyclists, has been ringing bells with his bike for the Salvation Army for five years during the Holiday season.
“It’s a good cause and they’re great people,” he said.
Each year he attaches an ordinary bike bell near the pedals of his bicycle — which is propped onto a stationary bike stand — causing the bell to ring.
His bike is also decked out in a Christmas wreath and stockings, which holds all the candy he gives out to customers coming in and out of WalMart.
In addition to his bike, on Friday he also wore holiday socks with his cyclist outfit.
Many walk by and ask if he’s cold or feels tired from the peddling. People ask him if he’d like coffee to keep warm or a snack. One time, a kind customer came back with a sandwich for him.
Customers often walk by and say “that’s amazing” and “great idea.”
Todd said he enjoys making people smile as they pass by and he often jokes with them as they go in and out of the store.
“I wanted to do something silly with my bike, just to make people laugh and it worked,” he said.
He also found it was a great opportunity to chat with friends he usually runs into at the store.
Todd said he is astounded by the generosity of the community, especially people who appear to not have much.
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