PITTSBURG, Kan. — The intersection at US-69 and US-400/K-171 junction south of Pittsburg near Kansas Crossing Casino was clogged with firefighters, police officers and EMS workers on Tuesday morning after a white Dodge truck T-boned a semi.  

The Crawford County Sherriff’s department as well as EMS and the Pittsburg Fire Department responded to the scene. Right and left turn lanes heading towards Cherokee were closed, and the sheriff’s office took charge of controlling traffic, while fire and EMS worked to get the semi moved out of the way.  

Kansas Highway Patrol also responded and oversaw the processing of the accident. The semi was successfully towed, and the intersection reopened by noon.  

Some Crawford County residents did not seem surprised by the accident and took to commenting on the Crawford County Sherriff’s Facebook post about it.   

One commenter by the name of Danny Pierce expressed that he didn’t necessarily blame the drivers but the lights. Pierce, who is a truck driver himself and said he drives through the intersection every Monday night, said the traffic lights at the intersection “make west bound traffic wait five minutes then barely can get two trucks across the intersection when there is obviously more traffic that comes from the east than the west.”